Retreats & Events

Do not underestimate the magic of going away on a weekend or longer retreat. Practising yoga twice daily, and away from your normal to do list and repetitive lifestyle is rejuvenating, revitalising and transformational. It gives your body and more importantly your mind a chance to rest and unwind.

My Top 5 Benefits

  • Remove yourself from the everyday grind of life
  • You experience the amazing benefits of a twice daily yoga practice (power and yin)
  • You will eat healthy, organic, nutritious food
  • Your body will detox and begin to heal itself
  • You will leave feeling calm, relaxed, energised with a clearer mind and a clean body

So come and join me on all on one of the following retreats or weekends. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please call or email me. I would be delighted to open up a discussion!