Classes & Workshops

I offer bespoke private yoga tuition for both individuals, groups and corporates in West, South West and Central London. Sessions can be held in your home or office or, even, if nice weather the park. When working one to one or small groups I will create a specific programme depending on the needs and requirements of the student/s. This could be a strong power class or a quieter more grounded restorative yin class or something in the middle. Please email me on for enquiries and rates.

Public Classes/ workshops

Wednesday 10 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Sir Oswald Stole Foundations  – Fulham Broadway

Wednesday 11 Power Yoga 60 minutes – The Power Yoga Company – Parsons Green

Thursday 12.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Triyoga – Soho

Thursday 18.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutes  – Triyoga – Chelsea

Friday 09.45 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Sir Oswald Stole Foundations   Fulham Broadway

Upcoming Workshops 

Sunday 26th November 2pm – 4.00pm

Triyoga Chelsea

In this yin yoga and anatomy workshop we will be working on the hips, applying both long held stretches and myofascia release to the deep rotators and glutes, as well as the IT band and tensor fascia latae muscles.  You will learn anatomy, and be able to apply your learnings to your own body, so it becomes an experiential workshop that gives you meaning and insight. It will show first-hand how everybody is different.  You will understand the movement of the hip and it’s muscles, and will feel, see and understand the parameters of all yoga poses: compression, tension, orientation and proportion. We will explore a variety of different poses (half pigeon, double pigeon, gomukasana etc) and techniques so by the end of the workshop you will have a repertoire to unfurl and release the hips, and a good understanding of the most effective poses for your unique body.

We will go through variations of each pose so you understand your most effective pose.

Yin Yoga is based on the philosophy and wisdom of Chinese Medicine; the hip area specifically relates to the Liver and Gall bladder meridian lines. So, during the workshop we will naturally bring this in to balance, and when in balance, we feel calmer, more self-confident, clear headed, and robust.

This workshop is open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, anyone who wants to gain an understanding of anatomy and its application to yoga.

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