Classes & Workshops

I offer bespoke private yoga tuition for both individuals, groups and corporates in West, South West and Central London. Sessions can be held in your home or office or, even, if nice weather the park. When working one to one or small groups I will create a specific programme depending on the needs and requirements of the student/s. This could be a strong power class or a quieter more grounded restorative yin class or something in the middle. Please email me on for enquiries and rates.

Public Classes/ workshops

Wednesday 9.30 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Training & Resource Centre, Wandsworth – Wandsworth

Thursday 12.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Triyoga – Soho

Thursday 18.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutes  – Triyoga – Chelsea

Friday 19.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – The Power Yoga Company – Parsons Green

Upcoming Workshops 

Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine – Spring in to Spring Workshop – CLEAN out the OLD, bring in the NEW

Friday 15th February 2019 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Triyoga Chelsea


Join Cal for a Yin Yoga Workshop focussing on the Liver and Gall bladder organs and channels….

This workshop will be founded in the principles of yin yoga, where we hold simple and accessible poses for longer periods of time, to go beyond the muscle and work in to the fascia and connective tissue of the body.  There is an incredible physical and energetic release during the practice and you will drop down in to your parasympathetic nervous system – allowing the body to heal itself and work its magic.   In this workshop will focus on opening and releasing in to the Liver and Gall bladder channels; in Chinese Medicine the Liver and Gall bladder are linked to holding tension especially around the shoulders and hips. They are aligned to the season of Spring, cleansing, moving forward, making new plans, creation, growth and strength. We will work through a variety of hip opening poses to release blockages which hold you back from finding your sense of direction and life’s purpose.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to the Liver and Gall bladder organs and channels in Chinese Medicine, followed by an immersive yin yoga practice working in to the hips, and releasing tension associated with these organs. We will close with a short yoga nidra for complete relaxation.

It will provide you with multiple poses and variations to release in to the hips, working through tension in this area. You will gain an understanding of the functions and emotions associated with the Liver and Gall bladder; which in Chinese Medicine is intrinsically linked to our motivation, implementing plans and creating, so you will hopefully leave with new inspiration and get up and go!!

You will definitely leave with a sense of calm, relaxation, well-being and clarity!

To book …. click on Triyoga