Classes & Workshops

I offer bespoke private yoga tuition for both individuals, groups and corporates in West, South West and Central London. Sessions can be held in your home or office or, even, if nice weather the park. When working one to one or small groups I will create a specific programme depending on the needs and requirements of the student/s. This could be a strong power class or a quieter more grounded restorative yin class or something in the middle. Please email me on for enquiries and rates.

Public Classes/ workshops

Wednesday 9.30 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Training & Resource Centre, Wandsworth – Wandsworth

Thursday 12.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Triyoga – Soho

Thursday 18.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutes  – Triyoga – Chelsea

Friday 19.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – The Power Yoga Company – Parsons Green

Upcoming Workshops 

Heart Openers in Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine

Friday 15th February 2019 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Triyoga Chelsea

Join Cal for a Yin Yoga Workshop focussing on the Heart and Heart Channels.

This workshop will be founded in the principles of yin yoga, where we hold simple and accessible poses for longer periods of time, to go beyond the muscle and work in to the fascia and connective tissue of the body.  There is an incredible physical and energetic release during the practice and you will drop down in to your parasympathetic nervous system – allowing the body to heal itself and work its magic. In this workshop we will work on grounding ourselves, so we feel supported and rooted, and then we will open up in to the Heart and the Heart channels, physically working and releasing the shoulders, arms, upper back, and chest.

The Heart is at the centre of our bodies and in Chinese Medicine embodies the element of Fire.  It is also the Sun which is at the centre of our solar system, which provides light and heat to all life on Earth and it is so, that the welfare of all organs depend on the Heart.  It is called the Yellow Emperor and is responsible for harmony within the physical and spiritual body, and harmony in our outside world. The Heart is where we feel from, connect and love; the emotion of the Heart is Joy, the colour red and the sound laughing.  It is the great balancer and harmoniser, and allows us to navigate the feeling world, and delivers us our intuition and truth.  The Heart houses our Shen, which is our consciousness, thought, memory, vitality and conversely our ability to sleep.  It brings us our passion, vulnerability, sincerity, and vitality.  It is essence and path to a blissful and healthy life.

This will be a powerful and enlightening workshop.

It is open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, anyone who wants to gain an understanding of anatomy,  yin yoga, the Heart, and the power of vulnerability.

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