How does acupuncture work???

When someone asks me “how does acupuncture work?” they ask with a skeptical raised eye brow and with a tone of suspicion and disbelief.  This is even when they are being treated.  I bet when undertaking an MRI scan, hardly anyone understands how it works, and when a doctor gives you a subscription for antibiotics […]

Sun, Sand & Sex

We always feel better when the Sun is shining, and this is not exclusive to the English.  Sure, us Brits have an obsession with the weather and we like to complain, and those 2 things are delightfully convenient for any Brit living in Britain during the summer months, so maybe when we find the sun […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone at this time of year is talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  In the past I have always been a keen bean to set my goals for the year.  And goals they have been, whether to become fitter, lose weight, spend less, save more, meditate every day, be more organised, arrive on time.   I look […]

Chinese Medicine – The Metal Element

Along with the principles of yin and yang, the theory of the Five Elements also underpin Chinese Medicine.  Five Element theory divides the energy and structure of the universe in to five movements or processes.  The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and they are reflected in the microcosm and macrocosm, there […]

“How you do one thing is how you do everything”

That was so true for me, until I found yin yoga.  An A type personality, for all its connotations for being strong, determined and driven, the flip side of this is; unwavering conscientiousness, perfectionism, working too hard, never stopping, constantly busy, always pushing, always driving.  One word:  exhausting.  My seemingly laid back attitude, my friendly […]

The F Word

This is a long over due post. Anyone who comes to my yoga classes or in close vicinity of me knows that fascia, the f word, is one of my favourite words. Fascia is sometimes called the holding organ of the body, but it is more than that, it is everywhere within us and completely […]

The Humble Mung Bean

The mung bean is an unassuming bean, often looked-down-upon, often sneered at bean, ‘what you, beardy weirdy, mung bean eating, navel gazing, yoga worshiping, Birkenstock wearing hippie?’ It doesn’t help either, that the word mung, as defined by the urban dictionary, is ‘an excellent insult’ and even it if wasn’t, it’s just not a good […]

The Irony of Botox

I’ve recently started frequenting Pret a Manger again (once I realised it was no longer owned by MacDonalds)… at the till I am greeted with a smile, small chit chat and waved off with a cheery and sincere ‘have a nice day’; all in all a pleasant experience .  The server effused an ebullience and […]

Horses are magical creatures

Ever since I can remember I have held a deep seated, profound, intense fascination with horses. To me they are the pinnacle of beauty, with their delicate heads, kind, intelligent eyes, flowing gaits. Like anything of intrigue, they are full of contradictions; powerful and gentle, strong and graceful, humble and spirited, bold and beautiful. Hanging […]

Full Moon Tonight

I love the moon, more realistically I am a self admitted obsessive.  And in part, although I don’t like the long drawn out nights of the Winter, this is when the moon really comes in to play and illuminates our lives, and so in this way I don’t mind the dark and gloom of December […]

The Big Smoke

So I thought a little about how I would relate The Big Smoke and Yoga, because if we are going to be really honest, granted there is lots of yoga in London, but the two don’t really go hand in hand. I mean London is a big metropolis full of people, smoke, noise, it’s frenetic […]